Sports bars/ restaurants.

Carpoolgame unique solution for sports bars and restaurants around the world.
Are you looking to recruit more sports fans to your restaurant?
Do you organize a watch party?
With, every day is a match day.

We offer a FREE APP that allows every sports fan to find the best ride for any
game, home or away or at the nearest sports bar/ restaurant regarding his

How does it work?
You sign up as a sports bar/ restaurant at’s directory.
Schedule a call with carpoolgame team to set the listing, benefits for fans etc.
List your watch parties.
List your benefit/ incentive for fans.
Fan register or sign in to carpoolgame.
Fan search for a game to watch.
Carpoolgame app will find for the fan the sports bars/ restaurants that are hosting
the watch party.
Fan rspv for the event according to t&c such as minimum order and will get
confirmation code from carpoolgame app.
Enjoy the game.

How does CARPOOLGAME fit to your bar/ restaurant?
Its more fun to watch your game with other fans.
If you cant make it to the stadiums, than watch party is the best choice.
There are many social media groups that fans are using to communicate, looking
for a place to watch their game and so. We wish to help them finding where to
watch the game, save time and money and lots of traffic jams by sharing a ride.
We will inform the related fans regarding your listing and special benefit for them
to join your watch party.

What we want from you:
Notify your fans and followers about their ability to use CARPOOLGAME.COM
for planning their next ride to the games.
Connect us to list your watch parties, discounts, and benefits, so fans from all
over, traveler, tourists etc’ will be able to rspv your event.
We are open minded for any kind of promotion.
Call us today.
Sports Fans Ride Together
Sports Fans watch Together.