Parking lot

CARPOOLGAME offers a unique solution for parking lots near stadiums or
arenas around the world.
Are you looking to rent more parking spaces on game day or at an event?
Are you able to save parking spots or pre-orders? If your answer is yes, let’s talk.
With, every day is a match day.
CARPOOLGAME is a FREE app that connects sports fans and helps them share
rides to any game, home or away. It makes traveling to a game simpler.
How does it work?
You sign up as a parking lot vendor in’s directory.
Schedule a call with the CARPOOLGAME team to set up your listings, benefits
for fans, etc.
List your parking lot.
List your benefits, incentives, and discounts for fans.
Fans register or sign in to CARPOOLGAME.
CARPOOLGAME will offer available parking slots around the stadium for fans
sharing rides to games.
Fans will order the parking space in advance, and you will be informed by the
CARPOOLGAME users can schedule their shared rides and parking spaces in
advance to maximize their travel to the stadiums.
The fan will get a confirmation code from the CARPOOLGAME app.
Enjoy the game.

How does CARPOOLGAME fit into your parking lot?
Every fan knows that when you ride to stadiums, the first issue is finding
an available parking lot.
When you list your parking lot, we can suggest that our users park there as
long as there are available spaces.
There are many social media groups that fans are using to communicate, looking
for a parking space. CARPOOLGAME will help them find available parking lots,
save time and money, and avoid traffic jams.
We will inform the related fans regarding your listing and special parking rates for
them, so they will decide to pre-order their parking space.
What we want from you:
Contact us to list up your parking lots, rates, discounts, and benefits, so fans
from all over, travelers, tourists, etc. will be able to park their cars in your lot.
We are open-minded to any kind of promotion or collaboration.
Call us today.
Sports fans ride together.